Why CML?


Our business ethic is to be professional in everything that we do. We seek clients who demand high standards and require high quality solutions, often to a non-standard business requirement. Where others have said "No" we aim to say "Yes". We are not the least expensive provider of property software and associated services but we believe that we are one of the best.

CML has a carefully picked team of professionals with complementary skills. The team enables CML to offer an unusually broad comprehension of our clients' property business and its likely business system needs. We do not deliver products that require our client to operate the business around the system, instead we are able to configure our systems to fit around our clients' business needs.

Value creation, our core business driver, can be derived from a number of areas when improving business systems:

  • Cost reductions through system efficiencies
  • Improved quality, accuracy and speed of information
  • Improved asset and liability management
  • Highly efficient portfolio administration
  • Improved team management

To deliver these key business benefits CML Software offers system functionality and consultancy services beyond that delivered from a standard packaged system. Your investment in property systems will be significant; be sure that you select a provider and solution which really will deliver the benefits that you need for your business.

Along with opportunities for personal and professional growth, we offer our employees a comprehensive and generous benefits package.

Why CML? Because we are professionals working hard for your business to create maximum value for your shareholders; we share the same business drivers as your own management team.



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